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Thursday, June 9, 2022

Collagen plays a vital part in creating and maintaining plump, supple skin


One of the building blocks of healthy skin – not to mention hair and nails – is collagen. There are around 28 types of human collagen, but the most common are Types I, II, III, and IV. The most abundant of these is Type I which is found in skin, bone, ligaments, and organs. That’s why, familiar to many of us who are into skincare, collagen plays a vital part in creating and maintaining plump, supple skin. 


But as with all good things, age does put a damper when it comes to our body’s collagen production, and in turn triggers the loss of elasticity, radiance, and firmness. Sad, we know, but though we can’t prevent the loss of collagen, we can still find ways to slow it down. Some studies have provided good points that taking a collagen supplement could help too. 


It isn’t surprising that a collagen supplement has taken a spot in our skincare routine, which is constantly evolving. Before, the usual regimen involved only the basics such as cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Then we discovered essences, serums, and face masks. These days, we’ve looked more into tackling concerns from the inside out, with ingestible beauty supplements that instantly perk up dull skin.

Supplements in general are meant as an additional boost to help our bodies function optimally. Depending on one’s goal or concern, think of them as a good way to top up what we lack in our diet. As for helping with our skin, simplicity and convenience is key if we want to easily incorporate collagen into our skincare. 


Collagen supplements come in many forms and from different sources. Hydrolyzed collagen is collagen that has been broken down into smaller fragments to enhance its digestion and absorption by the body. Collagen is typically extracted from either bovine or marine sources. Marine collagen is primarily composed of Type I collagen. Another factor you want to check on is the amount of collagen you take. Several studies have shown that a daily dose of 2.5 grams could benefit skin health and hydration


Most of us are pretty familiar with capsules or tablets, and powders since the majority of collagen supplements available in the market come in those formats. “That’s actually why we decided to come up with a different one, and something that doesn’t make you feel like it’s another pill you need to swallow,” says Abi Nepomuceno, Synnovate Director and Business Unit Head. “LifeFood Collagen Jelly is exactly that, it’s a jelly stick with a yummy lychee flavor. It’s like a snack, and so much more fun to take daily as part of your skincare and beauty routine.”   


LifeFood Collagen Jelly is the latest in the supplement brand’s line of products. Every stick of this jelly supplement contains 2500mg (2.5g) of hydrolyzed marine collagen. It has litchi seed extract, pomegranate essence, and grape skin extract that contains resveratrol to help in maintaining skin moisture and firmness, preventing signs of skin aging like dullness and wrinkles, and reducing damage. 


These natural ingredients’ strong antioxidant properties can also protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals that are triggered by daily exposure to sunlight, air pollution, and other environmental stressors. 


We can take it any time because it’s conveniently in a snackable jelly format. Apart from keeping skin healthy, another must-have benefit of this LifeFood supplement is that it helps nourish our hair and nails with collagen to prevent brittleness and to ensure that they grow healthier.


Glowing skin will always be in, and anything that could help us achieve and maintain it – particularly in the form of delicious lychee-flavored jelly snacks – is welcome to join our beauty stash!


LifeFood Collagen Jelly is now available at the Synnovate Store in Lazada and Shopee


LifeFood is the food supplements brand of Synnovate, the naturals division of UNILAB, Inc. Follow @LifeFoodPH on Facebook and Instagram for health info and life-enriching tips. Get to know more about LifeFood at  

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