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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Take advantage of the Beko Super Summer Sale!

Summer season is officially here! As we constantly look for different ways to cool ourselves down, from cold drinks to cooling activities, we also seek ways to keep our food fresh for longer as the hot season escalates the food spoilage process.


So, this summer, you will want to take advantage of the Beko Super Summer Sale! You can get up to Php 10,000 off in their multi-door, side-by-side, top and bottom mount with no frost, and direct cool refrigerators, including their chest freezers.


We've got a long time of heat for our summer getaways, so when it comes to storing your fruits and vegetables for your family's beach getaway, you should check out the Beko GNO480E40HFGBPH!


This multi-door refrigerator not only lets you enjoy a bigger capacity in food storage, but it also lets you easily enjoy a healthier lifestyle as it is designed with HarvestFresh Technology which helps store your fruits and vegetables for a more extended period. 


It is known for its innovative three-color light technology in the crisper drawer, mimicking the 24-hour sun cycle and preserving vitamins in fruits and vegetables for longer.


Food tends to spoil more quickly during the summer because of the high temperature, which is caused by the growth of bad microorganisms. With a HarvestFresh refrigerator, you can keep your worries away from having rotten fruits and vegetables and say hello to a healthier and fresh lifestyle this summer. 


Enjoy a healthier lifestyle as you can get this for only Php 51,842 from its SRP of Php 60,990.


Need more freezer capacity for your frozen goods? Check out the Beko GNO563E50HFKPH. It is also made with HarvestFresh Technology and designed with multi-air flow features. 


This helps maintain the balance of cold air circulation throughout the unit, keeping temperature levels in order, so your food stays fresher for longer. From its SRP of Php 55,990, you can get it for only Php 45,912 during the super summer sale.


Should we get a top-mount or a bottom-mount refrigerator? Let this guide you!


Top mount refrigerators, or top freezer refrigerators, feature wider doors with a large fresh food compartment below the freezer. 

So, when you picture a typical and standard refrigerator, you might be looking for top-mount refrigerators just like the Beko RDNT470E50VZK that lets you enjoy your food for a more extended period as it is made with HarvestFresh Technology and NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology that provides two times faster cooling and keeping humidity levels high to maintain food freshness. At the same time, the freezer focuses on maintaining a dry environment to prevent ice buildup.


Ever wondered if you kept opening the fridge just to cool yourself from the blazing summer heat? Worry no more about it because thanks to the NeoFrost Dual Cooling Technology, it keeps your food away from freezer burn. This can be caused by loss of moisture every time you open the fridge, which can lead to lack of even temperature control and ruin your food’s freshness.


Enjoy the summer heat, coolness of your refrigerator, and get the RDNT470E50VZK for only Php 36,792 (from its SRP of Php 45,990)!


Got lots of beverages you would want to store? A bottom-mount refrigerator may be perfect for you, just like the Beko RCNT415E50VZK! 


The Beko RCNT415E50VZK offers more accessible access to fresh ingredients and beverages as the freezer is at the bottom of the refrigerator. Bottom-mount refrigerators have more spacious freezers that allow you to store more ingredients and cool drinks you want to enjoy throughout the summer.


Both refrigerators include NoFrost Technology, which prevents enormous ice buildup that may lead to constant defrosting.


You can get the RCNT415E50VZK for only Php 37,392 (from its SRP of Php 43,990).


Are you looking for an energy-efficient refrigerator? The Beko RDSO308K30PPH might be good for you! This direct cool refrigerator naturally lets the cool air circulate through the unit, retaining fresh food for a short time. 


The Beko RDSO308K30PPH has a ProSmart Inverter Compressor, which uses less energy, minimizes your carbon footprint, and enables you to conserve energy and be environmentally friendly. It also has a reversible door that lets you change how you want to open your refrigerator.


You can get this now from its SRP of Php 23,990 for only Php 20,871!


Cool yourself down with the Beko chest freezers! Now that the summer heat is blazing, we need something to keep our ice stored cool. 

Check out the Beko CF316WPH that is made with MinFrost Technology. This feature allows you to have less ice buildup in the freezer, which means frozen food will be preserved better and with less energy, while you'll need to defrost less frequently. It also has a convertible mode feature that lets you turn your freezer into a fridge, giving more room for you to beat and enjoy the summer heat.


It is also made with ProSmart Inverter Compressor, which eases you from your worries of a noisy freezer and saves on your energy bills, which is truly helpful especially at this summer season.


From its SRP of Php 21,990, you can get this now for only Php 18,911!


So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your summer experience by enjoying a healthier lifestyle with Beko appliances! The Beko Super Summer Sale will run from April 1 to June 30, 2023.


Beko appliances are available at Abenson, All Home, Anson’s, Appliance Centrum, Asian Home Appliance, Automatic Centre, BHF, Fair N Square, Gloria Bazar, Great World, HAT, J Marketing, Lazada, Magic Appliance, Manhattan Appliance, Manila Imperial, Mike’s Appliances, Our Builders Warehouse Pricewise, Robinsons Appliance, Savers, SVC & Plusign, Shopee, SM Appliance, Solidmark, S&R (Gidi), United Mottoaliance, Western Appliance and 1st Megasaver.


For more information about Beko in the Philippines, go to or visit their Facebook page at and their Instagram page at 



  1. Wow ang bongga nito up to 10,000 off

  2. Ganda pa ng quality nito plus ang Bongga ng kanilang Summer
    For sure ang daming bibili nito

  3. This is really for this summer
    Talagang super nice nitong beko's super summer sale and exciting pa dahil may pa prize sila ❤️
    Thanks for sharing ms Lou Sv

  4. Gaganda ng mga appliances ng Beko the best ang quality . Ang bongga pa ng kanilang summer sale đŸ„°❤️

  5. Additionally, it has a Pro Smart Inverter Compressor, Financial Analysis which allays your concerns about a noisy freezer and reduces your energy costs. This is especially useful now that summer is here.

  6. Ang bongga, ang lalaki ng discounts ng items nila. Sa init ngayon, must have ito.

  7. Ayos laki ng discounts and promos nila ❤️ plus ang gaganda ng quality ng appliance nila ❤️ afford na afford na ang mga ganitomg appliances because of their promos ❤️ galing ❤️❤️


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