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Saturday, April 8, 2023


For many Overseas Filipino Workers, (OFWs) owning their own businesses is one of their main goals.


After years of away from their families, sacrificing time and enduring difficult working conditions, many look forward to coming back home for good, to start anew as entrepreneurs.  And for those who are exploring that possibility, opening a beauty salon is a particularly a promising option.

We Filipinos pride ourselves for looking good. That is why the beauty industry is thriving in the Philippines. In recent years, the country has seen a significant increase in demand for beauty services, with consumers willing to spend more on beauty treatments and products. This growing demand has created a favorable environment for entrepreneurs looking to enter the beauty market, especially in urban areas.
The beauty industry has also proven to be relatively recession-proof. Even during economic downturns, people tend to continue investing in their appearance, making the beauty industry more resilient to market fluctuations than other sectors. This means that opening a beauty salon is a relatively safer investment for OFWs.

Another advantage of opening a beauty salon is that it is a relatively low-cost business to start. OFWs can start small, with just a few chairs, mirrors, and basic beauty supplies, and gradually expand their services as their business grows. This makes it an ideal option for those who may not have a lot of capital to invest in a business.


Lastly, opening a beauty salon can also provide OFWs with a sense of fulfillment and purpose. After years of working abroad, many OFWs may be looking for a way to give back to their community and contribute to the local economy. By opening a beauty salon, they can provide employment opportunities for their fellow Filipinos and offer high-quality beauty services to their community.

As we celebrate Easter, we are reminded of the message of hope and renewal that it brings and for OFWs looking to invest in the beauty business, Orange may just be their new color of hope—just like how it helped change the life of the orange lady herself, Joby Linsangan-Moreno.


As she celebrates her birthday today, Joby shared a few exciting news one of which is the franchise fee of P80,000 for those interested to join her “beautiful” journey as one of the owners of an Orange Blush Salon franchise.

“Over the years, we have learned that a franchise system only works when both the franchisee and franchisor trust each other fully. The Php80k franchise free (renewable yearly for 5 years) is actually just a fraction of the original franchise fee cost. We want our franchise system to be flexible, relatable. And we have a short franchise contract this time at one year (renewable) so that both parties can try and test the franchise system and together, plan for the future of the brand,” Linsangan told us over a recent chat.

Orange Blush Salon is one of the most rapidly growing salon chains from Nueva Ecija. Much like the color orange, the salons embody a vibrant and dynamic image.

Prior to 2003, the founder, Joby Linsangan, had never imagined owning a salon business. With a degree in Medical Technology from one of the top universities in the Philippines, Linsangan was torn between pursuing a career in the United States or attending medical school. However, fate intervened, and in 2003, Linsangan decided to launch a new business concept in the salon industry. Having been a beauty title-holder and ramp model during her student days, she realized that she had a passion for the beauty industry.

She observed that salons in her province offered either pricey or cheap services, but not a middle ground. With this in mind, she came up with Orange Blush Salon, which opened its first branch in October 2003 with an initial capital of P30,000.


The salon's interior was also designed to be inviting, colorful, and well-lit. The basic services such as hair cut and blow dry, hot oil, foot spa, and manicure plus pedicure were pegged at reasonable prices and Linsangan made sure to offer their services at customer-friendly prices by well-trained staff.  

Orange Blush Salon's reputation grew quickly, and within three years, Linsangan opened five additional branches strategically located near the market, hospital, schools, and malls in her province and nearby cities before finally launching in Metro Manila.


As a franchise Linsangan's business philosophy is centered on making customers feel special but always at an affordable price, which is achieved through a strategic location, excellent services, friendly and competent staff, attractive interiors, and aggressive advertising.



Now that the economy is slowly recovering from the pandemic, business need to adapt to the changes brought about by this new normal.

For Linsangan they made use of the time to renovate all their branches- making them more minimalist and modern. We took advantage of the time when we can renovate the salons without too many customers that time. We closed some branches too and made our services more relevant to our clients, offering home services and at-home hair care products (Peach), introduced online selling and payments and appointments too.

She also shared the development of their new hair products called PEACH Hair Essentials.


“Peach Hair essentials is the FIRST HAIR REJUVENATING SET in the Philippines. If we have rejuve sets for the face, skin, it’s now time to also focus on our crowning glory- our Hair. Peach is a 3-step daily routine that keeps salon treated hair soft, healthy and truly manageable. No more ngarag hair days with Peach Hair Rejuvenating System.”

Always the optimist Linsangan said she learned a lot of lessons from the pandemic; “I realized that life is truly fragile and short; that the best things in life are not things, and they are free; that you should always live the day as if it were your last and that everything is temporary; only God is eternal, so we fix our eyes on Him.”

She also shared how they continued the Parlorista At Barbero Kami (PAK) Foundation mission of Spreading Love one free haircut at a time. We also plan to hold livelihood programs like Hairdressing workshop to equip our learners with haircutting, haircoloring skills that could be an extra source of income.

As she celebrates another birthday, she hopes that through Orange Blush Salons she could help realize the dreams of OFWs. "I have been blessed with everything that I have prayed for and hoped for, so this year, I am just truly thankful to God for being our Fortress, our Refuge and our Hope. He has been our light during the darkest and saddest time in our lives when our dad was called to heaven. 

I pray that He guides me as I fulfill my life’s mission found in Matthew 5:16 “Make your light shine so that others may see your good works and glorify Your Father in Heaven.” I have always believed the the Lord has called me for that specific mission, and as to how I will reflect His Light, I will let Him lead me, surrendering joyfully and confidently to His Will.

For more info follow Orange Blush Salon page

 Website Orange Salon PH


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  5. This blog is so inspiring. Nakakamotivate ang journey ni Ms. Joby. Ang masasabi ko lang after reading ay napaka optimistic nila, which is a very good thing talaga sa mga entrepreneur.


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