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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch6: Embrace a Healthier Lifestyle at Your Wrist

The Galaxy Watch6 series has BP and ECG tracking to help you  monitor your heart health 

Unlock a healthier lifestyle with Samsung's latest smart watch! The Galaxy Watch6 series is taking wellness to the next level with blood pressure and ECG monitoring and other features that help you monitor your heart health.


With heart disease being the country’s leading cause of death in 2022, there’s no time to waste when it comes to taking care of your health. Samsung Electronics is committed to  helping Filipinos achieve better heart health through its groundbreaking Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic, which comes with a slew of new heart-friendly and fitness features designed to improve your overall wellness. Let’s check them out!  

Blood Pressure & ECG Monitoring

Lessen your worries with a heart monitoring package that allows you to have peace of mind. The Galaxy Watch6 series has a built-in PPG sensor that periodically measures your heart rate and heart rhythm while you wear it. 


You can also add a quick blood pressure check with no added equipment required using your Galaxy Watch6. To enable the blood pressure monitoring feature, install the Samsung Health Monitor application onto your Galaxy smartphone and connect it to your compatible Galaxy Watch then calibrate with a traditional cuff. They will then be able to tap to “measure” the blood pressure anytime, anywhere.

The Galaxy Watch6 measures blood pressure through pulse wave analysis, which is tracked with the Heart Rate Monitoring sensors. The program then records the relationship between the calibration value and the blood pressure change to determine the blood pressure. Once the calibration and set-up process are completed, users can access this information and export measurements to PDF.

The Galaxy Watch6 also includes an electrocardiogram (ECG) function that works by recording the heart’s electrical activity via a sensor on the compatible Galaxy Watch. All you need to do is open your Samsung Health Monitor app while seated comfortably, and ensure the watch is fitted firmly to your wrist. Next, rest your forearm on a flat surface and lightly place a fingertip from the opposite hand on the top button on the smartwatch for 30 seconds.


The app will then measure your heart rate and rhythm, which will be displayed as either a Sinus Rhythm (a normal, regular heartbeat) or AFib (when the heart beats irregularly). You can also export this data to PDF.


Achieve Better Heart Health through Customized Work-outs

The Galaxy Watch6 also offers a ton of exercise features to help you create your own unique fitness journey. Start things off by checking your Body Composition  - the Galaxy Watch6 can actually measure   skeletal muscle, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage, to help give you a baseline for your fitness goals and to track your progress[1]. Get more guidance from the new Personalized Heart Rate Zone, which will measure your heart rate based on your fitness capacity and define five optimal running intensity levels to help users set their own goals based on what fits you – from burning fat to high intensity workout.[2]


In addition to over 100 existing workout trackers, the newly added Track Run records the user’s runs on a track, while Custom Workout allows users to build and track their personalized workout routine.


Elevated Design 

The Galaxy Watch6 and Watch6 Classic also sports key upgrades like a bigger display, a more powerful processor and battery, and even more customizable options in watch faces and bands.


The Galaxy Watch6 series now offers a 20% larger display[3] to make reading and typing easier and delivers smoother and faster interactions with its new Exynos W930 Dual-Core 1.4GHz processor, resulting in 18% faster processing.  


You can also make your Galaxy Watch6 uniquely your own. Choose from a wide collection of bands in different styles and materials from feather, leather and even metal bands that can take you from day to night. Switching is easy - simply press the band release button to detach your watch straps then swap them out to change from workout to go-out styles with just one click. You can also customize your watch face with your favorite colors, designs - or even photos of your pet!


Galaxy Watch6 series comes with a larger battery and reduced battery consumption[4] to support its larger and brighter display. With just eight minutes of quick charge, users can add an additional eight hours, perfect for tracking their sleep during the night.[5]


Start a heart healthier lifestyle with the Galaxy Watch6 Series! The Galaxy Watch6 retails for PHP 16,990 (40mm) and PHP 18,990 (44 mm) while the Watch6 Classic is available at PHP 22,990 (43mm) and PHP 24,990 (47mm). 


For more information on the Galaxy Watch6, visit


[1] Body composition should not be used if you have an implanted pacemaker or other implanted medical devices, or if you are pregnant. Measurement results may not be accurate if you are under 20 years old. Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. 

[2] To update the ranges of each HR zone for running based on cardiopulmonary capabilities, it is required to run outdoors more than 10 min with constant speed of 4km/h or faster.

[3] The screen size comparison is based on Galaxy Watch6 Small (40mm) and Galaxy Watch6 Classic Small (43mm). Compared to Galaxy Watch5 Small (40mm) and Galaxy Watch4 Classic Small (42mm) respectively. Based on Galaxy Watch6 Large (44mm) and Galaxy Watch6 Classic Large (47mm), the screen size comparison is 16%.

[4] Compared to Galaxy Watch5 and Galaxy Watch4 Classic respectively.

[5] Testing conducted by Samsung using pre-released version of Galaxy Watch6 and Galaxy Watch6 Classic (BT & LTE), each paired to a Samsung phone; all devices tested with prerelease software, Galaxy Watch Magnetic Fast Charging USB C Cable (EP-OR900), and Samsung 25W USB C Power Adapter (EP-TA800). Charge time varies with region, settings, usage pattern and environmental factors; actual results may vary. Samsung 25W USB C Power Adapter (EP-TA800) sold separately.

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