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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Unilever partners with Shopee for the "Linis Pilipinas" campaign

Working toward a cleaner future does not happen overnight. It is a joint, continuous effort, involving partners and communities, meaningful initiatives, and everyone’s individual steps. Added up, all these actions create an enormous impact. Unilever, the makers of well-loved brands like Breeze, Domex, and Surf, has partnered with Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in the region, and the Haribon Foundation to drive actions towards a better, cleaner future through Unilever’s “Linis Pilipinas” campaign, where millions of Filipinos across the nation can take action for a clean future.


Armed with the purpose of providing convenient access to sustainable Home Care products, Unilever kicks off Linis Pilipinas, Unilever Home Care's Super Brand Day Sale this June 10-12 on ShopeeThe Linis Pilipinas initiative brings to life Unilever’s global Clean Future strategy announced in 2020, with a bold goal of transforming Unilever’s Home Care brands and products to become better for people and the planet, all powered by purpose and innovation.


Redefining Sustainable Packaging


During the Super Brand Day Sale, shoppers can get exclusive vouchers of up to 15% off and free shipping on their favorite Unilever products, making sustainable options more accessible and affordable. At the same time, they can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting advocacies and initiatives geared toward creating a lower environmental footprint. Surf, Breeze, and Domex bottles are now made with 100% recycled plastic, taking away as much as 9 million plastic bottlesfrom landfills or waterways. Steps toward improving and optimizing packaging have also been taken to prevent the use of excessive plastic, with education on collecting plastics and flexible packaging simultaneously being rolled out through over 400 barangay partnerships and social media content. This is not just an opportunity for Unilever, but for Filipinos, to make that shift in behavior and to take that step in a better direction.    


Committing to a Sustainable Future


The efforts for achieving sustainability and giving back to the community continue, even after every purchase. A portion of the proceeds during the Super Brand Day Sale will go to Haribon Foundation, furthering Unilever’s starting point of planting 1,250 trees. With this, Linis Pilipinas shoppers can help reduce carbon, promote cleaner living, and help regenerate natural habitats. The Linis Pilipinas microsite on Shopee will feature a real-time live counter showing just how many trees will be planted through each and every shopper’s act of purchase, marking their contribution to reforestation. 


“Finding partners that advocate for genuine and science-based forest restoration has been a challenge in this pandemic. With our partnership with Unilever, we are able to continue our efforts in restoring our country's depleting forests as we both believe that the communities themselves are the best stewards of our forests. Together, we hope to empower and transform communities, who through the forest restoration campaign, will be provided livelihood and capacity development on basic ecology, rainforestation technology, and forest monitoring,” shares Maria Belinda de la Paz, COO, Haribon Foundation. 


Forming Sustainable Habits


Unilever understands that achieving sustainability and a cleaner future isn’t just one act done today, then easily forgotten tomorrow. “Linis Pilipinas” aims to empower Filipinos to form a habit of caring for the environment and the future. Educational efforts include a micro-site on Shopee dedicated to spreading awareness, trivia, and information on environmentally friendly practices. Purchasing Unilever products during the Super Brand Day Sale can also come with free eco-friendly items that help shoppers be a step closer to achieving these goals, such as upcycled sponges, tote bags, bamboo toothbrushes, and silicone bowls. These reusable, rewashable, and upcycled items, combined with the digital educational efforts, will go a long way toward forming greener and cleaner daily habits at home.


“We know that everyone working together towards a clean future is the way forward in addressing the environmental and social challenges facing us right now. As Filipinos, we can start with our home, our communities, and more importantly with our individual actions and choices. Unilever acts as a partner in connecting groups like Shopee and Haribon Foundation to the people that share vision of a better, cleaner, greener world. With Linis Pilipinas, we continue the mission of making sustainable living commonplace for all Filipinos,” shares Vanessa Ong, Unilever Philippines Marketing Director for Homecare.


"Shopee is pleased to collaborate with a purpose-driven company such as Unilever, to help achieve their sustainability goals and give back to our communities. With a deep understanding of consumer behaviour and trends in each market, Shopee will work with Unilever to develop localised initiatives that will help to raise awareness and encourage our shoppers to do their part in creating a cleaner and greener community for everyone. We look forward to driving more of such meaningful initiatives with our brand partners in the future,” said Martin Yu, Director at Shopee Philippines.


There is a lot to be excited about for the Super Brand Day Sale, with numerous deals and discounts to make sustainable living more accessible and affordable:

      Up to 15% off with a minimum spend of P1499, saving up to P750, using the LINISPILIPINAS code

      Up to 10% off with a minimum spend of P499 and 15% off for a minimum spend of P700 with more vouchers in-store

      All-day free shipping with no minimum spend

      For a minimum spend of P499, get as much as P200 worth of FREE ECO-FRIENDLY GIFTS* with every purchase!  

-       Bamboo Toothbrush

-       Reusable Cleaning Pads

-       Net Bag

-       Foldable Hamper

-       Upcycled Sponge

-       Reusable Food Covers 


Walk with Unilever on the journey to a Clean Future this June 10-12, 2021, and add to cart on Shopee! Click here to purchase on Shopee:


*Limited stocks only


Unilever R&D data, 2020


  1. Linis Pilipinas is a great initiative by Shopee in partnership with Unilever and Haribon Foundation to make an action for a betteR and cleaner future. This campaign will be launch with a Home Care Super Brand Sale from June 10 to 12 on Shopee. This is our opportunity to contribute to this campaign. We will not only enjoy the sale but we will be helping to fund this campaign for a cleaner future

  2. so nice naman nitong campaign ng unilever and haribon foundation na " Linis Pilipinas " sure na this is very helpful lalo na sa ating environment đŸ„°

  3. Napakagandang Opportunities para sa bawat isa, para patuloy makita ang pagiging Unity, pagkakaisa para sa patuloy na kalinisan ng Pilipinas , very Nice Campaign po talaga by Shopee in partnership with Unilever and Haribon Foundation ang isa sa mga Matataas at pinagkakatiwalaang Company .

  4. I already read this blog, Napakagandang partnership naman po ng Shopee , Unilever ang Haribon Foundation. Napaka gandang campaign naman po nito.. At malaking tulong po talaga ito para sa ating lahat.

  5. I love this partnership of Unilever and Shopee for the "Linis Pilipinas" campaign. This kind of campaign are what we really need right now. A campaign that is helpful for both humans and to our environment. I hope that people will become much more aware and observe the proper disposal of garbage for everyone's safety.


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