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Monday, October 18, 2021

How to find the best Shared Services Center to work for

It has been a couple of unprecedented years of global disruption which has left many businesses at a loss. Nevertheless, certain industries have proven to be quite resilient amidst the pandemic, and one of the best examples is Shared Services Centers. 

According to the Board of Investments Philippines, the country is seen as one of the established locations for Shared Services which has grown significantly especially for Financial Services, Insurance, etc. HR Consulting Firm Mercer revealed that the Shared Services industry in the country showed the most positive hiring outlook last 2019 with 70% of companies in this sector looking to expand and 24 percent looking to maintain current headcount.

Shared Services Centers are responsible for handling and executing a particular set of operational tasks within an organization. Its agile and adaptable nature has made the industry stronger and a better choice for candidates who are looking for stable opportunities. 

With the industry proving its resilience, it’s a good workplace to kick-start your career as long as you find the right employer.  Sun Life Asia Services Centre Philippines, a company providing Business Processing, IT, and Investment Research services to Sun Life's global businesses, is here to guide you as they list down the factors to consider when selecting a company to work for in the Shared Services sector.

Career development and advancement opportunities 

Not known to many, Shared Services Centers are workplaces where you can also grow professionally. It is only a matter of choosing the company that will offer promising opportunities to help you develop your skills. When applying for a job, ask yourself what you can learn from the role. Don’t be afraid to talk about training and upskilling opportunities during your interview, being curious means that you allow yourself to explore different options.

Care for its employees

Being able to maintain a healthy work-life balance is not only important for your health and relationships, but also to improve your overall productivity. As we adapt to new ways of working, setting healthy boundaries around work can help us maintain a better balance. In line with this, be sure to pick a company with programs that care for their employees’ welfare and prioritizes work-life balance – one example is Sun Life ASCP’s programs for overall well-being, career development and rewards & recognition. 

At the onset of the pandemic, the company launched their Employee Assistance Program where employees and their dependents are provided free counseling for mental health, financial assistance and legal assistance.  They even launched their own virtual employee “Amber” who monitors and joins each employee in every milestone that they celebrate. These initiatives earned Sun Life ASCP a Great Place to Work® certification, with 92% of employees saying they are proud to work in the company. 

Embraces Digitalization

Look for companies that not only exhibit a solid track record but also strive for innovation. The good news is that the increasing trend of digitalization in Shared Services Centers makes it a better choice for growth as digital skills are proving more and more valuable in the job market. For instance, Sun Life ASCP has been championing information technology, business processing, investment research, and enterprise infrastructure to Sun Life business across the globe. In keeping with their line of providing future-forward experiences to their people, they are driving distinct Digital First initiatives to create seamless, paperless, and interactive employee engagement across platforms. 

Diverse and inclusive workplace

Choose a company that fosters respect for people – learn their standpoint on gender diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, search for an environment where everyone feels equally involved and supported. Do your research by checking the company website and reading between the lines. Look at their About Page, check LinkedIn or Glassdoor to discover what you can about other people who work there. 

Building an inclusive and diverse environment is also the primary focus of Sun Life ASCP. They have workplace and community activities that promote the inclusion of LGBTQ and all diversity groups. Moreover, they are currently at almost 50% in women leadership across all functions and locations. They have Focused Leadership Development Programs for women to support capability building and to ensure employees of all backgrounds would feel confident and empowered within the organization. 

Sustainable and green initiatives

Sustainability suggests that a company genuinely cares about the well-being of the greater society, so therefore it would stand to reason that it would likely treat its employees well.  Look into companies that adopt sustainable business practices within their business, in the same manner that Sun Life ASCP has done projects dedicated to obtaining quality education, improving financial literacy, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and many more. 

Deciding on the right company for you should align with your values, goals, and work style. It’s one thing to work in a resilient sector such as Shared Services, but it’s another to establish a career in a company that prioritizes their employees’ welfare, strives for innovation and diversity, and seeks to create positive impact in its own ways.

Find out more about Sun Life ASCP and their employee programs, visit


  1. Resiliency and work development! Diversity and sustainability! We need this to our workplace

  2. Very important to improve workplace.
    It’s one thing to work in a resilient sector such as Shared Services, but it’s another to establish a career in a company that prioritizes their employees’ welfare. Yes this really true

  3. Yass 🙌 thank you for sharing this , very informative and very helpful, ito tlga ung need sa mga workplace 😍❤️

  4. These are good guidelines when choosing the right company for us. We should really take a lot of consideration in order to avoid regrets and hinder our career growth.


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