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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

HUAWEI Philippines calls on all photography enthusiasts to join the NEXT-IMAGE Awards Philippines Sub-Arena!

Whether it is in the best moments to the mundane tasks, there is always a moment of beauty that we can admire and can all be easily captured or recorded with a click of a button. With this, HUAWEI Philippines calls on all photography enthusiasts and HUAWEI users to join the NEXT-IMAGE Awards Philippines Sub-Arena happening on October 1 to November 30. Participants are in for a treat as 30 shortlisted submissions will be chosen locally to participate in the global level and get a chance to take home the global prize worth USD 10,000.


This annual event encourages users to flaunt their skills and share their stories by capturing all kinds of beauty either through images or videos with the lens of their own Huawei smartphone. 


The NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021 spotlights 10 distinct categories to further encourage Huawei users to explore the strength of their devices and showcase their talents in storytelling. The categories Huawei users can choose to participate in are the following:

  1. Portrait - At its best, portrait photography tells rich and compelling human stories better than words ever could. Whether it’s of yourself, of a loved one, or a model, submit your best portrait shots.
  2. Monochrome - Monochrome images remove distracting colours, helping the viewer focus on the subjects, textures, shapes, patterns and composition. Use black and white photography to reflect the atmosphere, fun or originality of the shot.
  3. Colour - HUAWEI smartphones are renowned for their ability to produce vibrant photos that are bursting with vitality. Show your true colours by expressing yourself through smartphone photography.
  4. Snapshot- Photography lets you live in the moment, encouraging you to capture defining moments and scenes. Create a snapshot that tells a powerful story, or immortalize an important memory forever.
  5. Night - Thanks to the power of AI, HUAWEI smartphones capture incredible night scenes without the need for a flash. Get creative, and make a night shot to remember.
  6. Telephoto - For many smartphone users, zoomed-in photos are usually blurry or low quality. That’s not the case with HUAWEI. Use your telephoto lens to home in on the important details and show off the clarity of your zoomed-in shots.
  7. Super Wide Angle - Wide angle lenses allow photographers to get as close to the subject as possible without excluding crucial elements in the background. Use your mobile photography skills to make viewers feel as though they're viewing the scene with their own eyes rather than through a photograph.
  8. Super Macro - In photography, as in life, the small details are important. Explore different macro photography subjects and techniques, as you show off your camera’s ability to capture tiny details up close.
  9. Story Creator - Shoot and produce a mobile-shot movie of 15 minutes or less to express your creativity and share your story through moving images. Assume the director’s chair as you create a cinematic masterpiece to show to the world.
  10. Storyteller - Different from the other categories that only allow single photo to be uploaded, in this catalogue, you can use a group of photos (3-9 photos) to express emotions, tell a story, record changes or discover trends.


After users have chosen the category they would want to focus on, users are to simply follow these steps on how to participate:

  1. Head on to the official contest website of the HUAWEI Community NEXT-IMAGE AWARDS 2021.
  2. After entering the ‘’NEXT-IMAGE Design’’ page, click ‘’Participate Now’’
  3. Select a category, upload an image, and include a title and description as well as your location and smartphone model you used to capture the image.


The top two participants chosen from the thirty shortlisted submissions, will also get a chance to win a Huawei MatePad 11! Which is a high-performing tablet that is best designed to cater to the needs of young professionals and creatives, offering an all around PC-Like experience along with its Huawei M-Pencil (2nd Gen) and Huawei Smart Magnetic Keyboard. The MatePad 11 also features the new 120hz Huawei FullView Display with an 86% screen-to-body ratio and the Low Blue Light certification, offering optimal eye health even during prolonged usage.  

Through the NEXT-IMAGE Awards, Huawei aims to highlight the many years of innovation the brand has brought to the field of visual expression and to recognize the work of aspiring photographers around the world. The platform also makes opportunities for aspiring photographers to have their work recognized and discovered by professionals and enthusiasts alike, allowing them to explore more of their craft and to network with more industry practitioners. 

To know more about participating in the Next Image Awards 2021 on the Huawei Community, visit this link:  


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  1. High resolution and amazing! How cool and awesome it was ! This is an opportunity to enthusiast in image photography and technology

  2. Wow this is very nice evwnt that boost skills and talent in photography.
    So excited for this capturing event of HUAWEI the NEXT-IMAGE Awards 2021 .

  3. wow magandang oppurtunity ito para sa mga pilipino. magandang chance ito para mas makilala lalo ang mga pilipino pagdating sa pagkuha ng mga litrato. sana tangkilikin ito ng ating mga kababayan dahil malaking tulong din ito para sa kanila. 🙂

  4. Wow.. exciting To, Super Nice nito for all Huawei User at photographer narin, such an Awesome and Amazing Challenge 💯👌❤❤this is so Interesting..

  5. Amazing challenge 🥰 big opportunity to all photographer and the chance to be the #HuaweiNextImage

  6. Wow this is a great opportunity to showcase their skills and talents.


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