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Monday, October 4, 2021

Former crew members share how safety has always been a top priority at McDonald’s

In a recently released M Safe video, former store employees of the company talked about how being safe at McDonald’s makes them feel good.

Henric, a former crew at McDo Robinsons Novaliches shared how working at McDonald’s has taught him the value of safety early on. Years after and his own business later, he recalls and proudly attests as to how committed the company is on safety. 

Meanwhile, former crew members Arden and Khaycie also highlighted how safety was their first lesson as new employees, wherein stringent global safety protocols were taught. Today, with health and safety being of utmost concern for everyone, they are not worried whenever they visit or enjoy McDonald’s from the comfort of their homes, knowing they are safe.

“Safety has always been at the core of our operating culture and will always be. Our M Safe program is a testament to this – whether it is the safety of our food, the safety of our crew and managers who serve our customers, to the safety and cleanliness of all our restaurants and channels. Safety has been integral to us since day one, and who can better talk about this than our former crew members who have turned into loyal customers”, says Kenneth S. Yang, President and Chief Executive Officer of McDonald’s Philippines. 

Safety in every way


Customers are assured of safety in all ways. Apart from its Safety Seal-certified stores nationwide, the QSR giant has prioritized initiatives in boosting the vaccine rollout among its people and customers. 


To date, 98% of its NCR store employees have already been vaccinated with the first dose and is set to hit 100% this month. Meanwhile, in a bid to encourage vaccination, McDonald’s rolled out Bakuna Benefits wherein customers who have at least had their first dose of vaccine enjoy a 10% discount for select orders.


McDonald’s also continues to innovate and provide customers with other safe choices where they can enjoy their food. Responding to consumer preferences, McDonald’s introduced Bike & Dine, Ride Thru, and Outdoor Dining so any customer can enjoy their favorites conveniently and safely.


Whether dine-in, delivery, or ride thru, customers are assured that their food is safely prepared through its stringent global food quality standards and strict safe and healthy protocols.


“As we all continue to navigate through these challenging times, the public can count on us in making sure their McDonald’s experience is always safe. We encourage customers to share feedback too via,” Yang concluded.


  1. Safety and security are absolutely important especially, it can save lives ! This is a nice thing to share by our fellow from the biggest food chain in the whole world.

  2. This great reminders from McDonald's.
    Yes absolutely important now adays the safety and security of health concerns.
    Very important to be the top priority of every establishment s.

  3. That's Great ! Priorities The Cleanliness

  4. kudos to mcdonalds , ito tlga ang inportante lalo na sa panahon ngayon . ung safety ng lahat ng mga costumers ♥️đŸ„° lalo isa sa pinka kilala dn itong fastfood ♥️


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