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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Experience Fast X for Free with Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors

An adrenaline-filled summer awaits gaming and movie fans alike as Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors announce a promotional partnership with Universal Pictures’ upcoming action film, Fast-X.  

Excited movie-goers can get two movie tickets for free combined with a limited-edition shirt, cap, bag,  and/or a Philips Gaming head and neck support pillow  for every single purchase of select models of Philips Evnia Gaming Monitors. The partnership celebrates the theatrical release of the highly anticipated movie in Philippine cinemas on May 17, 2023. Through this collaboration, Philips Evnia aims to deliver gaming monitors that can turn up the heat to the maximum, featuring four immersive and innovative models from Philips Evnia brand. 

 The promo, which will run until June 15, 2023, will include the following models:

Much like Dom’s crew in Fast-X, Philips Evnia is all about how to “Reinvent the rules” to stay ahead of the game, delivering a wave of freshness and elegance to the traditional display solution mixture. In fact, the models involved in the partnership promotion all include outstanding features to outperform the competition with style such as  generous 4k resolutions for next-generation gaming and screen sizes to let gamers dive deeper into games. 

Similar to the Fast and Furious franchise, speed and performance are also huge components of the Evnia brand’s identity. The flagship model, the 27-inch 27M1N5500U boasts best-in-class gaming experience, with blisteringly fast 300Hz refresh rate that promises to deliver slick gaming and quick response times. In addition, gamers can expect even more with various models coming with immersive features including low input lag, Ambiglow, and enhanced DTS Sound. 

Philips Evnia is committed to providing the best of the best to customers, and aims to spread the joy and love of gaming alongside exceptional performance through their gaming monitors. 

For more information on claiming tickets and freebies, visit, send a message to our Facebook page:, or send a message to participating partners nationwide:

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