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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Golden Haven celebrates OFW Week 2023 with the theme “Mas PinaWais, Mas PinoYaman: Offering Filipinos a Wise Investment”

Golden Haven, the Philippines’ leading provider of premium death-care services, is currently celebrating OFW Week 2023 with a weeklong event that bears the theme “Mas PinaWais, Mas PinoYaman: Offering Filipinos a Wise Investment”.Ongoing until May 29, the grand activity affirms Golden Haven’s reputation as the prime advocateof financial literacy, a subject close to the company that builds the country’s most beautiful memorial parks.

As the theme suggests, "Mas PinaWais, Mas PinoYaman: Offering Filipinos a Wise Investment is expected to show Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) how to grow their hard-earned money through wise and sustainable investments.

It is a move that is both gratifying and timely. According to Vistaland International, Overseas Filipino Workers' (OFWs) remittances hit an all-time high in December 2022, wrapping up the past year with a $36.14 billioncontribution to the Philippine economy. It’s about time, then, that Golden Haven leads our modern-day heroes to a future of financial freedom and security. 


Multiple activities are currently being staged to achieve this end. Among these is a talk on Investment Opportunities by Mr. Peter Frances Simona certified analyst, digital marketer and project lead of the Market Research Department of Vista Land. Participants will have a chance to seek live assistance from Golden Haven's team and Mr. Simon, and benefit from their expertise in financial management.


A highlight of the event is Golden Haven’s Virtual Road Show, a unique digital experience that takes participantson a tour of Golden Haven’s award-winning memorialproperties from the comfort of their homesWith just a computer or mobile device, everyone gets a close scrutiny of the top-tier developer’s beautiful memorial parksnationwide. The Virtual Road Show also provides valuable information on the investment advantages available at Golden Haven, helping potential investors decide where best to place their money.


To top it all, Golden Haven is rolling out exclusive promos for savvy investors. With its exciting discounts, flexible payment terms, and value-adding benefits, OFW Week is turning out to be a trulpropitious time to invest in Golden Haven prime properties.  

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