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Friday, May 19, 2023

The HUAWEI P60 Pro in Rococo Pearl adopts the timeless expressions of baroque masterpieces

Curves and displays have played major roles in recent smartphone developments but when it comes to design, most have chosen to be conservative, leaning more towards solid colors and minimalism.

The recent product launch of the HUAWEI P60 Pro has shown that the tech brand has no such fear of getting outside the industry’s comfort zone. As the first product in the smartphone industry to carry a pearl texture design, HUAWEI’s risk-taking move has so far been lauded for its innovative execution.

The Enduring Beauty of the Rococo Era

Rococo is a controversial yet major art movement from the 1700s. Rococo comes from the French word “Rocaille”, which denotes the shell-covered rock work that was used to decorate artificial grottos. The rocaille style utilized miniature objects such as garden pebbles, stones and seashells, forming an irregular visual play that energized the art world. It is characterized by elegance, lightness, and an exuberant use of curving natural forms in ornamentation. 

Rococo gradually developed and grew popular enough to be utilized in the fine arts, its asymmetry and overly elaborate style became its signature. Continuing in its tradition, the HUAWEI P60 Pro in Rococo Pearl adopts the timeless expressions of baroque masterpieces – its ornamental look, iridescent sheen, and intricate pastel swirls all pay homage to the Rococo spirit.

The HUAWEI CMF Mother of Pearl Process

The traditional pearlescent design has transcended fashion trends and has remained timeless. Mother of Pearl can be found in century-old palace architecture and even in the latest, most fashionable luxury watch releases.

The life of the mother-of-pearl mollusc itself embodies the very concept of timeless beauty, forming pearls and treasures throughout its long lifetime. With its continuous rebirth, oils accumulate in the shell over the years, growing a natural texture. These remarkable pieces of nature also condense with a unique lustre that illuminates with varying angles of light.

To replicate the accuracy of its textures and natural sheen, the material design and engineering process undertaken to achieve the material was not a straightforward one. Designers behind the HUAWEI P60 Pro knew the challenge wouldn't be easy so they combined handcrafted artisanal methods with modern production techniques, constantly exploring and innovating to reach a breakthrough.

The design team discovered an Italian design manufacturer whose craftsmanship proved to replicate the pearl effect well. The manufacturer utilises manual methods to achieve a multi-layer structure similar to mother-of-pearl. Through the dispersion effect of countless finely layered structures, it brings mother-of-pearl through the rich and warm effects from changing light and shadows. This effect requires a rich internal structure and a certain material thickness to be reflected.

Initially, it was uncertain whether this material could be used in sophisticated electronic products such as mobile phones. Because the design space left for texture and texture on mobile phones is extremely thin (less than 0.1mm, only 1/5 or even 1/10 of the thickness of the thinnest patch of traditional crafts), the team set off to find solutions to achieve the design on an ultra-thin surface while preserving the natural pearl texture.

After many rounds of experimentation, the design team was able to source a natural mineral pearl powder and combine it with environmentally friendly acetate material extracted from natural plants. This made it possible to recreate the flashing iridescent layers in the Mother of Pearl texture. Through complex hand-made mosaics, block splicing patterns, and smooth changing lustre, the result was a natural texture with a unique patterning effect that has no repetition.

It was through this assiduous research and development journey that the brand finally patented Huawei’s very own CMF ( Color, Material, Finish) Pearl Texture Design process.


Every piece, unique

Natural beauty comes through order in disorder, regularity and irregularity, and certainty in uncertainty. The HUAWEI mother-of-pearl craftsmanship process aimed to restore this uniqueness found in nature’s beauty. This was not a simple manufacturing of artificial patterns, but rather, a creation of brand-new design technology that comes from nature itself.

HUAWEI’s mother of pearl process creates a P60 Pro in Rococo Pearl model that is unique and exclusive in beauty. Not only did the brand recreate the Mother of Pearl look visually, it has even taken things to another level by emulating its very essence of irregularity and uniqueness.

Each HUAWEI P60 Pro user will have their own one-of-a-kind rendition of the Rococo Pearl texture on their flagship smartphone, giving them personalised and exclusive experience, as they now own a smartphone that truly belongs to them and only them in every aspect.

Now available in HUAWEI Stores 

You can now purchase the HUAWEI P60 Pro through offline and online HUAWEI Stores, authorized retail outlets, and leading e-commerce sites like Shopee and Lazada. Price starts at Php 58,999 and with the pre order promo from May 12-25, you can get the HUAWEI Watch GT3 worth Php 12,999 for free.

If you pre-order now, you can get a 1-year Extended Warranty valued at Php 3,999. Trade-in is also available for both Huawei and non-Huawei smartphones. Apart from enjoying a discount from the trade-in, you can also get a Php 8,000 add-on voucher when you trade-in a Huawei smartphone and a Php 7,000 add-on voucher for non-Huawei smartphones. This offer is available in selected stores nationwide.

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