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Monday, May 22, 2023

Takeda joiins WHO for World Immunization Week 2023

Takeda Healthcare Philippines Inc. (“Takeda Philippines”) joined the World Health Organization (WHO) for World Immunization Week 2023 heeding the latter's call for protecting millions of people around the world from vaccine-preventable diseases. 


Takeda Philippines is proud to support WHO’s World Immunization Week for the second year in a row, with this year’s theme, #TheBigCatchUp. Working with partners and volunteers all around the world, WHO wants to ensure that people, especially children, are on track with their vaccinations, to restore essential immunization coverage to 2019 levels, and to strengthen vaccine deliveries through primary healthcare. World Immunization Week is a yearly campaign by the WHO aiming to bring awareness and reflect on the essential role vaccinations play in promoting global health.

“Immunizations are an essential asset for global public health and a basic health care right to help protect families and communities against infectious disease,” Shun Mori, Head of the Established Vaccine Program and Japan Business Coordinator, spoke about the importance of WHO’s World Immunization Week campaign. 


“Takeda has supplied vaccines against burdensome diseases for the individuals of Japan, and we take pride in furthering this effort to continue bettering the health of people all around the world.” he added.


Unwavering Commitment to Vaccine Innovation & Vaccine for All 

Takeda has dedicated more than 70 years in developing and providing vaccines in Japan, facing the most difficult problems in public health by developing innovative vaccines to prevent the spread of new diseases. Today, they have taken the challenge of introducing a new vaccine for one of the most challenging infectious diseases known to mankind, Dengue. 


Takeda has recently developed a dengue vaccine aimed to curb the deadly dengue disease regardless of previous exposure. Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral disease common in many tropical countries such as the Philippines, and is listed by the WHO as one of the ten threats to global health. The vaccine is currently approved for use in Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand where dengue is endemic. The vaccine is also approved for use in the European Union.  

Takeda has developed a new vaccine for the deadly Dengue virus, which has now been approved for use in Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand and the European Union. 


“We look forward to bringing Takeda’s dengue vaccine to the Philippines in the near future. We will work with the government and private sectors to address the burden of the dengue disease which has long remained endemic for decades and is responsible for over 200,000 cases in 2022 alone,” shared Loreann Villanueva, Country Manager of Takeda Healthcare Philippines.  


Takeda Healthcare Philippines is a wholly owned subsidiary of Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, a global R&D-driven biopharmaceutical company.

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