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Friday, May 26, 2023

Watch "Red Swan", A Captivating Tale of Romantic Revenge on Disney+

Former professional golfer and current Goodwill Ambassador Oh Wansoo has long been aware of her husband’s infidelity, but after narrowly avoiding a dangerous situation on the biggest night of her life, Wansoo will finally begin to reconsider their marriage after falling in love with the man who saved her, in Red Swan, coming exclusively to Disney+.

Born into an impoverished home, Oh Wansoo turned her life around and became a world-class golfer – attracting the attention of many, including her future husband and heir to the Hwain Group, Kim Yongguk. Struggling to clear her mother’s debt, Wansoo agreed to marry Yongguk but quickly became unhappy after discovering her husband’s infidelity. For over ten years, Wansoo has stayed with her husband, determined to make it work, but things quickly begin to change on the biggest night of her life. Shortly after arriving in Manila for her debut appearance as a Goodwill Ambassador, Wansoo is caught in the middle of a hail of gunfire, narrowly escaping thanks to the heroic actions of the company bodyguard, Seo Doyoon. Soon after, Wansoo begins to develop feelings for Doyoon, reconsidering her whole life up until that night, but little does she know Doyoon’s real motivation for working for the Hwain Group.

Starring Kim Haneul (A Gentleman’s Dignity, On Air) as golfing star and Goodwill Ambassador Oh Wansoo; Jeong Jihun (Ghost Doctor, Ninja Assasin) as Seo Doyoon, a bodyguard with an ulterior motive; Jeong Gyeoun (You Are Too Much, Sooni) as heir to the Hwain Group and serial adulterer, Kim Yongguk; and Seo Isug (Rookie Cops, Hypnosis) as Park Miran, the CEO of the Hwain Group; Red Swan is written by Choi Yoonjung (Only Love, Three Sisters) and directed by Park Hongkyun (A Korean Odyssey, Warm and Cozy).

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Stream Red Swan later this year exclusively on Disney+.

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