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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

The Shakey’s Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza is back!

Howdy, pizzanatics! We get it! You love your favorite pizza flavors but don’t you find yourself craving for that particular pizza that you had years back? Like the Shakey’s Texas Chicken BBQ pizza? If you’re one of those who have been clamoring for the return of this flavor, here’s some good news for you: It’s back and even better than before! Yeehaw!

Shakey’s Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza was launched in 2008 for a limited time offer but since then pizza afficionados have been asking Shakey’s to bring it back. 

Starting June 1, 2023, get ready for a gastronomic adventure to the wild wild west with the return of Shakey’s Texas Chicken BBQ Pizza.


Shakey’s Texas Chicken BBQ pizza is topped with sweet, smoky Texas Chicken barbeque, seasoned with a blend of smoky, savory, and tangy Texan spices and flavors. This is then sprinkled with cheese, red onions, and for a more sensational flavor, drizzled with Shakey’s very own BBQ sauce

Shakey’s Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza is available for Dine in, Delivery, and Carryout in Thin Crust (Php449 for regular, Php669 for large, and Php899 for party) or Hand Tossed (Php499 for regular, Php699 for large and Php899 for party).


The Shakey’s Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza is available in all Shakey’s stores for a limited time only!


To know more, follow @shakeysph on Instagram and Shakey’s Philippines on Facebook.


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