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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Netizens finally #LetItchGo, thanks to JoshDrea and Head & Shoulders


Love is in the Hair 

Recently, A-listers, Joshua Garcia and Andrea Brillantes have made history for almost breaking social media with their exciting team-up announcement. #JoshDrea landed on the top trending topics on Twitter as netizens instantly went into a frenzy with curiosity and anticipation for the project. 

Not long after sparks started flying for JoshDrea, however, the duo already had their first spat. During the filming of their latest collab, the camera caught Joshua and Andrea in a tense ITCHuation. In the collab video, Andrea can be seen repeatedly uncomfortably scratching her head during her on-screen and off-screen moments with Joshua. 


Who can blame Joshua for jumping to conclusions and thinking the actress was uncomfortable working with him. The ITCHuation comes to a head with Joshua ultimately confronting Andrea by asking, “May nagawa ba akong mali?” (Awww.*BRB sniffing)


“It’s not you, Itch me.”

Thankfully, in the same video, Andrea was quick to clear up the misunderstanding by blushingly revealing the real cause of her uneasiness– her persistently itchy scalp! Andrea has explained her unfortunate ITCHuation to Joshua, and the pair has since put this misunderstanding behind them. What a relief for us JoshDreamers! But at the same time*gasp* ITCHING? DANDRUFF?! The horror!


Still, we don’t judge. ITCHuations can happen to anyone. In fact, even celebrities AC Bonifacio and Nico Bolzico have struggled with the awkwardness, embarrassment, and miscoms caused by having an itchy scalp and dandruff. 

In a recent TikTok post, AC Bonifacio’s dance rehearsal even took a disastrous turn leading to a heated moment with her instructor when her constant head-scratching made it appear as if she was not happy with the choreography.


Nico Bolzico also recounted in a funny skit that moment when his head was almost bitten off by Wifezilla because of his seeming passive-aggressive displeasure over her home renovation plans (but it was really just dandruff). 


Good thing, JoshDrea, AC, and Nico all have gotten past their ITCHuations and finally #LetItchGo with Head & Shoulders.


The Lessons of Letting Itch Go

While hilariously unfortunate, these ITCHuations instilled valuable lessons on how to avoid future misunderstandings and discomfort for our netizens. With the wave of online ITCHuation stories came a significant shift in the way netizens approached their hair care routine, sparking the #LetItchGo movement. 


In TikTok, users have started to empower others by sharing their everyday #NoItchuations tip featuring the world’s no.1 anti-dandruff shampoo, Head & Shoulders. 


Lesson 1: Beautiful hair should start from 5 layers deep – One of the lessons that resonated with TikTok creator @0xc05 is learning that, unlike ordinary and beauty shampoos, Head & Shoulders goes 5 layers deep into the scalp to treat dandruff that causes itch at the source and prevents it from coming back. This ultimately results in healthier, silkier, and smoother hair. 


Lesson 2: You deserve to be dandruff-free and itch-free everyday – Another valuable lesson shared by TikTok user @ig_marjorieer is that by using Head & Shoulders everyday, she is not just saying goodbye to itchy scalp and dandruff, but also reclaiming her confidence back. She captioned her video by flexing, “Always confident and protected from dandruff with Head & Shoulders…Kaya mapa-day or night man and gala mo, there are #NoItchuations 💙.”.


Lesson 3: Once you’ve #LetItchGo, never go back – With the #LetItchGo movement, user @satrinnet have found a new level of empowerment to take control of her hair and say goodbye to ITCHuations for good. As captured in her video, she learned that when it comes to preventing recurring dandruff, consistency is key – which is why it's important to use Head & Shoulders every day, not just when dandruff is already visible. 



#NoITCHuations with Head & Shoulders every day!

You shouldn’t have to keep dealing with ITCHuations. Start every day with Head & Shoulders for itch-free, dandruff-free, and beautiful hair! And why keep your hair transformation to yourself? Join the #LetItchGo challenge and flex your upgraded hair care with the new Head & Shoulders Cool Menthol, now available at leading supermarkets, Lazada, and Shopee.


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