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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Power up your cooling with the New Samsung S-Inverter Airconditioner

For many of us, summer is a fun, exciting season. From out-of-town road trips to spending every weekend at the beach, there’s always an adventure to look forward to. However, summer can also still be a bummer for some, especially those who have to stay home and endure the effects of the ever-rising temperatures. Thankfully, you can still enjoy summer while staying at home by having an efficient air conditioning unit to keep you and the whole family cool and comfortable, all season long.

Choosing an energy-efficient air conditioning unit that works hard while saving you money is a must nowadays, especially if you are planning to keep your ACs on throughout the hot summer months. The best option? Inverter air conditioners, which have only improved in technology and features in recent years. These kinds of air conditioners consume less energy than conventional ones, so you can keep them on through the day without worrying that your bill will be as high as this summer’s heat.

Speaking of inverter technology, Samsung has a lot to offer when it comes to energy-saving, innovative, and efficient air conditioning solutions. One such star lineup is the S-Inverter series, powered by Digital Inverter Boost, features Fast Cooling and Triple Protector Plus, and enjoys a 5-star energy efficiency rating—all at great prices. Read on to get a good grasp on why the Samsung S-inverter might just be perfect for your space. 

Quick cool down feature

Even if you’re out for an hour or two to run some errands, coming back to a cool and comfortable home will redefine your idea of relaxation. This is what the S-inverter does best. Compared to most air conditioning units, the S-inverter cools a room efficiently 47% faster. It also has temperature detection capabilities that adjusts the overall compressor speed maintaining your ideal room temperature at an optimum temperature setting. With the Samsung S-Inverter, keeping cool and fresh in your space is just one switch away. 

Cool and clean air 

Say goodbye to dusty and dirty air in your space. With its Triple Protector Plus and Durafin, the Samsung S-inverters make air fresh, breathable, and clean. They are equipped with advanced protection on compressor and anti-corrosion technology on heat exchanger, all to ensure durability and long lasting performance. This is also backed up with Samsung’s 10-year warranty so you can be assured that you will enjoy the best quality performance possible, for many years to come. 

Easy maintenance and care

Moreover, Samsung designed the S-Inverter with a Tri-Care Filter and equipped it with an Easy Filter Plus to better take care of you and your health. These filters ensure that dust particles, fibers, and dirt will be one less worry. Plus, cleaning your unit will not be a hassle. The Easy Filter Plus is placed strategically on the top of your S-inverter unit, making it easy to detach and clean.

If you are still deciding whether to get an air conditioner that quickly cools while delivering big savings, or one that is designed with hygiene and safety in mind, Samsung has got the best of both worlds with the new S-inverter! It’s time to upgrade to an air conditioner that is built for you and your ever-changing needs. The Samsung S-Inverter is now available through their online store ( and through authorized dealers and appliance stores.

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