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Thursday, May 18, 2023

Five travel creators who are making waves with YouTube Shorts


When the world opened back up, one of the things people immediately set out to do was travel. Whether it was within their own cities and countries or overseas to foreign lands, going on a trip was definitely on top of many’s lists thanks to the cabin fever caused by the pandemic.


One great place to satisfy your wanderlust vicariously is on YouTube. Travel is one of the most popular genres on the platform, with many people from just about all walks of life watching all kinds of travel videos from all around the world, especially vlogs.  This is because videos – including short-form like YouTube Shorts – are a way to experience a place and behold its beauty without actually going there, influencing many people to eventually travel and experience the place for themselves.


So if you’re in the mood to get out and see the world beyond your four walls, follow these five travel creators who are making waves with YouTube Shorts:


  1. One Armed Wanderer

The One Armed Wanderer is Ed Puno, a vlogger who roams the Philippines to find the best hotels and staycation spots. He finds himself in beaches and mountains, showing viewers different places they can rent a room in—you don’t realize how many beautiful rest houses and hotels there are until you check out his content.


  1. Benjo D


Benjo D is a self-described hippie who stands out from the rest because of his amazing tricycle van, which doubles as his house. He’s a real-life modern nomad, traveling across the Philippines in his 100% DIY bedroom-in-a-van, and his Shorts almost completely focus on this unusual way of life. If you’re looking to figure out how to break free from the confines of one place, Benjo’s content is definitely great inspiration.


  1. Martin Solhaugen


This list wouldn’t be complete without a foreigner who’s fallen in love with the beauty of the Philippines. For this, we have Martin Solhaugen, a travel vlogger who hails from Norway. He’s settled here, and is dedicated to showing the world everything that could be found in our 7,000+ islands, from the views to the unique culture and the warm people. If you’re interested in looking at our country through a foreigner’s eyes, check out his content.


  1. Hello Shayne


Hello Shayne is a local vlogger on a quest to travel on a budget and share stories in the process. She initially started out vlogging about her personal life and her learnings, but shifted to showing her trips around the Philippines as she started traveling more. Most will find her quest to get the most out of the country on a budget, as well as her recommendations in different places all too relatable.


  1. Rachel Gania


With all these travel content creators showing various places, 25-year-old Rachel Gania is not quite like the rest of them—she’s a fashion YouTuber and stays firmly in that lane. Despite that, she does post travel content from time to time, and her well-edited Shorts focus on outfits you can wear wherever you’re going. You’ve gotten the recommendations on where to go and stay from these other creators, now get the inspiration on fits you can flex in your travel photos and videos.


Explore great content from your favorite creators and more on YouTube Shorts on or the YouTube app.


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