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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Ana Lustre-Malijan: Mompreneur Extraordinaire

For the longest time, mothers stood as the embodiment of love and the pillars of every home.  With the constantly evolving landscape of the world, women are also looking for new ways to revolutionize the way mothers are perceived. What was once considered an industry dominated by men is now slowly being conquered by creative mom innovators in business.


Enter Ana Lustre-Malijan, a wife, mother, and business owner from Palawan. In a world littered with fierce competition, Ana solidified her status as an established entrepreneur while staying active and involved in the lives of her family. 

Redefining What Moms Are Capable of

Like other business owners, Ana’s entrepreneurial venture was a result of interest, innovation, and a passion for the nostalgic. Her dream came to fruition with the establishment of Frotea, a frozen yogurt and milk tea business. Frotea was the love child of the factors Ana held dear, and it was further strengthened by her children’s affinity for milk tea drinks.


With the branding and product of her business being well-established, Ana knew the road to success would come with its fair share of challenges. Despite the obstacles, Ana was well-equipped to execute and establish a business virtually from scratch.


Following years of hard work and dedication, Ana has created a business that took Palawan’s milk tea industry by storm. Frotea has become one of the most recognizable brands in the province. Along with this recognition, the brand’s expansions don’t seem to just stop in Palawan but are continuously growing in numerous locations around Metro Manila. With Ana’s commitment to turning Frotea into a regional sensation, there’s no doubt she can achieve further greatness in the years to come.


While Frotea’s future is undoubtedly bright, a lot of its success can be attributed to Ana’s entrepreneurial spirit and ambition despite being a full-time mother. Ana Lustre-Malijan is the embodiment of a mompreneur: bold, ambitious, resilient, and creative. Fellow mompreneurs in the country echo her perseverance and success. This Mother’s Day, share a Frotea with all supermoms, and remember to use this moment to make them feel as special as the way they made us feel throughout our lives.


For more updates regarding Frotea, visit the official website and the following social media pages ( Facebook |Instagram ) 

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